Pentole Retrò

Like in the olden days

The whole line of RETRÒ aluminium pans is absolutely first-class, featuring materials of the highest quality and an exclusive design that evokes traditions and cooking aromas from the past drifting out of handcrafted pans.

The nature of the handcrafted, manual working of each Retrò pan means that the aluminium roasting pans, pots, frying pans and saucepans can be all be customised according to the tastes and requirements of the Customer, meticulously taking care of the details.

Unique pan
The best memories are captured in cooking aromas.

Traditions keep the family and the memories of loved ones alive. But the real aromas come back to life one by one, just like memories, in the ancient handmade aluminium saucepans, frying pans and roasting pans. The Frignani Foundry’s challenge is a labour of love, artistry and a love for beautiful, but above all authentic things.

The result of the professionalism, experience and specialised craftsmanship in aluminium is a high quality, high-performance handcrafted professional cookware set with a unique design, brought to you from the Frignani Foundry in Mantua.

Every Retrò pan from the set is a one-of-a-kind piece, and all the more authentic because the challenge of the Frignani Foundry is to create pans with passion and creativity that will turn Your tradition into Your future.

Manual dexterity and uniqueness
Craftsmanship in the kitchen
Characteristics entirely due to the type of casting

The aluminium used is a certified alloy, suitable in the production of kitchen utensils, and its unique thickness means that these products are efficient even when using the minimum amount of flame, thus favouring large cooking projects. All the products are oven-safe and strongly effect the quality of the result One of the main characteristics of the Retrò products is their conductivity.

Thanks to their high thickness, Retrò products allow for greater precision in the cooking of food, since the heat is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pot, preventing the food from burning in some areas and not cooking in others, according to the distance of the flame.

They are extremely robust products and also really solid as regards weight.

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